Welcome to Daniel Poku Ministries

Do you want to have a divine encounter with God? To really experience him the way the early church did instead of the powerlessness you feel right now.

Have you been wondering what your purpose is and struggling to come to an answer?

Welcome to Daniel Poku Ministries

Do you want to hear God’s voice for yourself?
To understand the scriptures and decode the mysteries?

Do you have pressing questions about God or the Bible that you just need answered before you can accept the existence of God? Or to have a safe haven for you and your family to grow spiritually with a sense of real belonging and value in a growing community that is warm and friendly?
Do you want to finally be done with waiting on an answer to prayer indefinitely and get your miracle?!

If you have answered yes to one or all of these questions or have more, then you have come to the right place because this is why I founded New Glory Outreach Ministries and Divine Encounter to empower generations for greater impact!

The good news is you are not alone, many are asking the same questions and the better news is that I and my team are here to help answer all these questions for you either on a FREE one to one private consultation with me or via our services in Marylebone, London.

We look forward to hearing from you or meeting you at our next service.

Apostle Daniel Poku

Apostle Daniel often quips that when he goes to heaven, he will ask God why he didn’t give him a chance to say no to his calling as he did everyone else in the Bible.

Enjoying a lucrative career in cooperate London  after serving in the British Military for  five and half years, and putting his life on the line for the freedoms of the British people, he  was ready to relax and reap the rewards when God called him into full-time ministry. When he attempted to ignore God’s voice he found himself left with no choice but to answer the call and it has been a joy ever since.

Join Apostle Daniel Poku

If you are a London professional or entrepreneur, student, or live in the London area and are curious about how we can help you take your spirituality to the next level until it has a tangible positive and profound impact on your day to day life then we cater for you.

Divine Encounter is the place for everyone in search of truth and understanding. We do not reject anyone, nor do we insist on commitment. Our doors are always open for those who wish to visit and those who wish to remain and become a part of the community.

We recognise that many have been wounded, abused by the Religious community and whilst our job is not to appoint blame or make judgement our aim is to provide a safe haven for worship were there are no obligations or requirements to give anything you are not comfortable giving whether it be your time, money or anything sacred to you. However, we do ask for your commitment to yourself by engaging with all the community has to offer as often as possible to ensure your spiritual growth and development.

All who wish to contribute and give will be gratefully received. We aim to provide a safe haven for all to grow and be empowered to live more fulfilling lives that are as a result of their connection with God.


Divine Encounter