Daniel Poku

Apostle Daniel often quips that when he goes to heaven, he will ask God why he didn’t give him a chance to say no to his calling as he did everyone else in the Bible.

Enjoying a lucrative career in cooperate London  after serving in the British Military for  five and half years, and putting his life on the line for the freedoms of the British people, he  was ready to relax and reap the rewards when God called him into full-time ministry. When he attempted to ignore God’s voice he found himself left with no choice but to answer the call and it has been a joy ever since.

He is an ordained minister with a diploma in Theology and New Testament Greek. He was accepted by the Lxthus Church Council and was received and Licenced into the Council by His Eminence Archbishop A.C.C. Evangelou MBE. The Apostolic succession for Lxthus is traced to Apostle James.

He founded World Outreach Programme in Ghana, in Feb 1998, which was an evangelistic and outreach project, it also brought together young people who felt they had a calling in ministry. He worked with them, training and assisting them to realise and unleash the potential within them.

In August 2008, New Glory Outreach Ministries was born in Windsor, United Kingdom with 8 people attending the first service. As time went on, his ministry took an international turn when he was invited to preach the Gospel in various countries around the world.

The Lord spoke to him in January 2018 to start Divine Encounter a fellowship in Marylebone, London  that would welcome everyone from everywhere whether they belonged to a church or were looking for a place to fellowship to teach biblical truths that were shared only amongst Pastors and leaders but relevant to all Christians and non-Christians and to use his gifts and calling to produce tangible results in the lives of all who came in search of a Divine Encounter with God.

There are stories of miraculous healings of HIV, cancer, infertile couples conceiving, failing businesses thriving and turning over millions, single people finding love after many years of rejection marriages restored, long standing immigration issues being resolved and many discovering their purpose and growing spiritually in leaps and bounds. The impact of his ministry has many testimonies pour in daily.

With the support of his beautiful wife and family he is able to serve not only the Divine Encounter Community but sponsor and support projects for orphans, marginalised and disadvantaged in society and widows in Ghana. The contributions he receives from his generous supporters and partners in the ministries really make a difference to the lives of those in Ghana who would otherwise have no one to support them. 

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