Mentoring Academy

  • Do you feel like your relationship with God has become stagnant and STALE?
  • Do you feel that there are HIGHER HEIGHTS and DEEPER DEPTHS but you don’t even know how to access them?
  • Do you sense there are MYSTERIES in scriptures to be unveiled but can’t find the right teachings?
  • Do some books in the Bible perplex you and l make NO SENSE whatsoever?
  • Do you have a CALLING to ministry and would like to be equipped?

If spiritual growth and equipping is what you are looking for then The Daniel Poku Mentoring Academy is the right place.


How It Works

Pay a monthly subscription to the Academy and receive access to:

  • Monthly LIVE calls with Apostle Daniel Poku VIA Zoom
  • FREE access to REPLAY
  • 50% off all tools and resources
  • Membership to Private Facebook Group

All for only £35 per month.

Guest Students:
You can be a guest on individual classes by making a one off registration fee of £45 for each class


  • Can you communicate with Angels?
  • Are angels Myth or Fact?
  • Do Guardian Angels Exist?
  • The ranks of Angels and their Power?
  • How can Angels assist you in your daily life?
  • Do you believe in the rapture?
  • what are the signs of Jesus 2nd coming
  • How will the body of Christ be redeemed?
  • Who is the person of the Holy Spirit?
  • What is his job?
  • How can we receive and work with Him
  • What are the characteristics of the Holy Spirit
  • Do Demons really exist?
  • Where have they come from?
  • How do they affect us?
  • How do we deal with them?

No academy in October

  • Is it demonic?
  • Does a Christian need to know about it?
  • How can it enlighten or sharpen your Christian life
  • Where has the Church come from
  • How has the Church evolved
  • The Church today
  • what are tokens?
  • Are they scriptural?
  • How do they assist me in my Christian walk?

All who wish to contribute and give will be gratefully received. We aim to provide a safe haven for all to grow and be empowered to live more fulfilling lives that are as a result of their connection with God.

You may cancel your subscription at ANYTIME with one months notice.

We do not offer refunds on courses once you have attended a class
We do not offer refunds on subscriptions unless it is an administrative error on our behalf
All requests for refunds must be made by email