What We Do

Apostle Daniel Poku

If you are a London professional or entrepreneur, student, or live in the London area and are curious about how we can help you take your spirituality to the next level until it has a tangible positive and profound impact on your day to day life then we cater for you.

Divine Encounter is the place for everyone in search of truth and understanding. We do not reject anyone, nor do we insist on commitment. Our doors are always open for those who wish to visit and those who wish to remain and become a part of the community.

We recognise that many have been wounded, abused by the Religious community and whilst our job is not to appoint blame or make judgement our aim is to provide a safe haven for worship were there are no obligations or requirements to give anything you are not comfortable giving whether it be your time, money or anything sacred to you. However, we do ask for your commitment to yourself by engaging with all the community has to offer as often as possible to ensure your spiritual growth and development.

All who wish to contribute and give will be gratefully received. We aim to provide a safe haven for all to grow and be empowered to live more fulfilling lives that are as a result of their connection with God.